AGDA education policy 2011

The Australian Graphic Design Association’s 2011 Education Policy is a document started by former AGDA National president Fiona Brine and then further developed and refined by  myself and several other AGDA National stakeholder team members to better inform educational institutions and students of graphic design of AGDA’s stance and position on graphic design training and education.

This policy is for education institutions, policy makers and students entering the graphic design industry in Australia.

The AGDA Education policy is available to all for download at

Amanda Hay was pivotal in the success of ‘bringing the policy to life’ and some of here fantastic folio images are below. Her stunning rationale explains:

The final design for this EDUCATION POLICY was based on the popular woodblock puzzles which use letters, numbers and basic shapes as a way of teaching young children basic problem solving. As well as the obvious educational parallels ‘the shape of things to come’ can be interpreted as a literal play on words of the body copy and the visual content of the booklet and also metaphorically as the future of the graphic design industry in Australia. Woodblock shapes were laser cut to mount on the publication in keeping with the theme and to create dimension and interest.

  • All photos © Amanda Hay.