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Work in progress session this week had D212 heaving with designers and musicians in an epic hour of power. Presentations, updates, feedback, conceptual juggernauts shot down and winners announced. Plus, a sneaky peak of 5/15/25 with Henry, Dan and Steve during question time…

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Why paint the graffiti on the fence? Why not embrace it? Clearly these taggers are in need of a short course in the arts or extended typographic education. Keep them off the streets… A few sample lines from the attached and pictures 24 hours after paste-up. Note the successful targeted censorship at work at work. Why does

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Advance Diploma students are refining their logo and direction each week. The selection process isn’t a secret affair, with ideas, options and suggestions spoken openly in Room D212 upstairs of 133 Newcastle Street. Also this week, Alby wins vocational student of the year (Zoe was nominated) and the Travis Walker award returns to Central after

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Central Institute of Technology’s Graphic Design course has seen rapid change, expansion and development over the past ten years. This survey is seeking your valuable feedback on our graphic design course. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between what Central teaches well and how we can prepare our students better. Your experiences in

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An envelope full of web proposals made its way to John Trasky on Thursday afternoon via bike courier thanks to the hardworking, deadline-hitting diploma small business web development students. Meanwhile, our advanced diploma students bring their 2015 Google Online challenge to a close soon after Easter. Some fantastic CTR in amongst our leaderboard. Watch out

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Our March graduate talk this year was a double-header. Chloe received a PASS grade for her ISTD assessment with an assignment aimed at halting ‘TAFE CUTBACKS’ and Alby produced a final year ‘mentor style art school manifesto brief’ which highly impressed industry judges and lecturing staff alike. An outstanding talk — articulate, well researched, beautifully

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