‘Seeking the imperfections’






‘Seeking the imperfections’


Dominique Coiffait initially enrolled in an evening class at the Perth Letterpress Studio, taught by Phil Gambrill, despite possessing prior printmaking experience.

Discovering a newfound enjoyment in letterpress printing, Dominique subsequently applied for the Artist Residency program. The residency the afforded Dom an immersive experience in the Perth Letterpress Workshop, providing the luxury of uninterrupted printing for weeks.

Dom found himself drawn to the simplicity of ink, paper, press, and wood type, deriving a unique joy from working with these fundamental elements — explored the process of printing using wood type letters, placing less emphasis on creating words and more on cultivating a repertoire of images and techniques for future application.

The printing process itself became the focal point, leading Dom to abandon preconceived plans and fully engage in experimentation.

Dom explains:

Through the residency, I rediscovered my passion for print and uncovered new methods of working, such as utilizing the brayer to create layers of color and manipulating ink on paper and block. This experience revitalized my printmaking practice, evoking the sensation of returning to college after a prolonged hiatus, and I eagerly anticipate applying these newfound insights in future projects.