Brett and Vanessa — Residencies to pause and reflect

Now, Here.

Time, place and the space between things by Brett Mitchell (@bm_contact)

Letterpress is a creative act undertaken with mechanical constraints.
Between idea and output: juxtapositions, (mis)alignments, iterative insights, errors, anomalies, happy-accidents, perceptual shifts, personal associations and moments of detail hold our attention — if only for a moment.

ON SHOW until Feb 2024 above the @perthletterpressworkshop in the 133 Newcastle Street foyer ‘display cabinet’.

‘Back in the moment’

‘Back in the moment’ by @groundedness Vanessa Wallace now open and a stunning, delicate display in the #perthletterpressworkshop display cabinet — 133 Newcastle St, Northbridge.


Top left, Image 1: momentary silence 

Top right, Image 2: a stain and a layer of grease

Middle left: cars fling past 

Middle right: fold hang, fold hang, the bath sparkles 

Bottom left: under the desk, another list

Bottom right: sneeze twice.

There are 24 letterpress works in total. Each take a few words from a longer sentence or paragraph, perhaps removing meaning or context. At first appearance, interspaced between the letterpress works, are blank pages. Catch these at the right angle and layered text printed in almost the same shade as the paper is revealed.

Alongside these sits an artists’ book titled, back in the moment, monday. This is one of 7 unique state books which each link to a different day of the week and draw on similar methods of text and image modification. Duotone images constructed by selecting two colours from the original macro photograph of the ground are paired with layered UV printed white text again intended to be only occasionally visible.

All these actions seek to remove and reinterpret the initial recording perhaps commenting on the way memory changes every time it is re-remembered.

Text and images for the above body of work were drawn from daily recordings collected in 2022.