AGDA WA 2015 Mentor Program ‘shapes up’ with help from Monelle and Zoë

Wondering who made those engaging and collectable hand crafted AGDA WA mentor program ‘student characters’?

Introducing the talented duo of Central Adv diploma students Monelle Trachez and Zoë Walker, who helped me collage each characters from old stock photo books, pantone swatches and found objects and who stood by the laser cutter for each piece. Then, went to the next level and created scenarios for each character once placed in the 4pp DL folder before dispatching to Perth’s leading creatives. Couldn’t have done it without them!

Also, big props to Geoff Earl at Spicers for suggesting and supplying the beautiful Neenah Wrought Iron stock and Anthony Pittaway at Discus on Demand for outputting the hits of white under CMYK on their HP Indigo.





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