BUNG LUNG™ Wallpaper drops four metres in Perth


I produced a monster four metre drop along with 26 other artists in the Wallpaper Show at Central Institute of Technology’s GALLERY CENTRAL this year.

Along with UNDENK derived material, I helped customised a four-metre scroll of wallpaper to present a “slice of my world”. The digital collage of BUNG LUNG™ became a reality when printed via DesignJet onto the four metres of supplied antique wallpaper. Unfortunately, the coating on the wallpaper wouldn’t allow the ink to dry, so for the entire show, we  had to carefully handle the print as it came off the DesignJet, as it was installed and then subsequently lost by the curators after a re-hanging at Wall Candy.
Matze™ never looked so good as he does in life size.

The 52cm width was set by the width of the wallpaper and the length was practically designed to fit the gallery hanging system. The artists were invited by Thelma John and collaborator P James Bryans, who as an inspiration for the exhibition has also created one of the exhibits – the only one with three dimensional deer heads protruding from a screenprint, based on a vintage wallpaper design. There was some amazing work by other in the group including names such as: Linda Banazis, Penny Bovell, P. James Bryans, Susanna Castleden, Sue Codee, Cat Critch, Rebecca Dagnall, Jo Darbyshire, Mark Datodi, Annabel Dixon, Anna Dunnill, Eva Fernandez, Harry Hummerston, Little Design Horse, Clare McFarlane, Trevor6025/Emma McPike, Toogarr Morrison, Philippa Nikulinsky, Perdita Phillips, Gregory Pryor, Alex Spremberg, Marzena Topka, David Turley, Paul Uhlmann and Caitlin Yardley

There is a great CATALOGUE of the work (ISBN: 978-0-9758334-3-8) available to read here and at Lethologica Presswho not only supported the exhibition, but have a great interest in WA artists and writers in general. You can find a high resolution version of the catalogue on their site also.

Or if you prefer pictures, see the gallery below (Dodgey iphone shots however):

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