C-2 – Familiarisation Day at the 45th WorldSkills International Competition

Huge day. Late night.

Competitors finally joined us on site and semi-official competitor/expert photos were handled by @Sathish Narayanan from India. What a beautiful way to celebrate their arrival with a huge defused natural lightbox in front of our skill area. So pleased to finally see Indy after departure from Sydney Cricket Ground and thrilled that she settled quickly, composed herself and got to work exploring the horrific variety and diversity of fonts on offer.

Which leads me to the expert search and destroy team that was quickly assembled to terminate the dubious “What the Fonts”? Designer rely and regularly use swashes, borders, elements, clip art, texture, ink splats, iconography and symbol typefaces to bolster a toolkit – but, today it was agreed that there is an unfair advantage to be had by competitors that could use these during test project time frame to leap ahead. Once the decision was made, the team was deployed and over 500 font files deemed inappropriate and deleted. Wow, what a rush. (*Not really)

Coupled with that is a strong desire to get a tattoo after Claudia (South Tyrol, Italy) showed off her crazy perfect PMS swatch on right, inner forearm. OMG. I’ve huge tattoo envy. What does one do when you see such a collection of simply perfectly, artistic tattoos from around the world?

So, torn with making, executing and tempting fairly major decisions – and the competition hasn’t even started.



Special thanks to Adam Lucas for some of these photos: Courtesy of TAFE NSW. They are easy to spot – The good ones!
More of his amazing photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmGfWgvE