Common Phrases That Originated From Printing

Our latest acquisition to enter the NM TAFE Permanent Art Collection — Ann Ong @brightpress_ presenting her letterpress series to Art&Design Portfolio Director, Christof Schnell (right) and NM TAFE Art Curator, Predrag Delibasich (left)


Common Phrases That Originated From Printing

Letterpress using vintage wood type and metal type, and digital white ink.
A series of six posters. 450 x 620mm printed during Term 2, 2021.
Printing has been one of the most influential mediums and has revolutionised how we communicate. The English language has words and idioms that have origins from the print industry and when we look at the original perspective, they may help bring more sense to their modern context.

Ann Ong is a letterpress printer who lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. Growing up in Hong Kong, she was forever spending her pocket money on pretty pens, papers and cards. And it was through her stationery obsession that she was introduced to letterpress printing from art and design blogs. She began her hands-on letterpress printing experience in 2011 and honed her craft working in a print shop under the tutelage of the owner that had over 50 years of printing experience. Ann took over the business in 2019 when the owner retired, and is now the owner of Bright Press, a unique small business with a large collection of working vintage printing presses and equipment. She loves to explore printing using contemporary methods combined with traditional movable type.

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