Diploma students rock out with the AGDA Poster Annual

The theme for this years AGDA Poster Annual was “Inspired by Music”.

Diploma students undertook this as a class assignment and were invited to be inspired and interpret this theme however they wish. The results (collated below) showcase these outstanding responses to the brief. And with a fantastic Jury lined up to judge this years competition, fingers crossed Central students will be as rewarded as they were last year (previously, 5 out of 30 nationally selected students were from Central! View the 2010 gallery here.)

Music is perhaps the oldest of humanity’s creative endeavours. It is both an art form as well as a type of communication. The world over music is a source of entertainment, celebration, worship and expression. The diversity of music reflects the soul of the world and binds us all. We all experience music at emotional and cultural levels. It offers us our finest moments and records our trials and our joys. This is the power that we hope you can capture. AGDA POSTER ANNUAL