Foyer Oxford brief is the winner

A six page, comprehensive brief was developed for AREA 57 graduates as their integrated assignment for 2012. Students were required to develop a strategically robust definition of the Foyer Oxford brand and develop a distinctive, credible and appealing brand identity to support Foyer Oxford in achieving its goal.

Foyer Oxford is a new service for homeless young people based on the successful international ‘Foyer’ model. Foyer Oxford combines high quality housing with holistic 24/7 support systems and integrated access to education and training opportunities. A 2 year transitional program targeted at young people 16-25 years of age who are homeless or at risk of homelessness; Foyer takes seriously the idea that the only long term avenue out of homelessness is through education and training. It structures the support through a ‘something for something’ deal – a commitment made by the young person, matched with a Foyer service guarantee. The new, purpose built Foyer Oxford is currently under construction on site at the Central Institute of Technology on Oxford Street in Leederville and will house up to 98 young people in self contained apartments.

Finalist presentations included, Joseph Wells, Sasha Doyle, Agnes Pelczar, Elliott Klass, Alex Hwang and Caitlin Deasy. The selected logo was designed and successfully pitched by Elliott.

Below are a few images of the work in progress sessions and final presentation, including shots of the delightful Tracy Graffin (our industry mentor for ten weeks), who worked closely with students to achieve some amazingly high quality outcomes.