Global Skills Challenge 2019

The 2019 Global Skills Challenge, was staged in conjunction with the Victorian Skills Commissioner and WorldSkills Australia and lived up to its claim as the biggest international skills excellence competition to be held in Australia this year.

Padmé Skills Squad Graphic Designer (Skill 40), Indy Griffiths enjoyed a solid three days up against eight other competitors from New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, China and Brazil. She performed wonderfully – made a stack of new friends; flexed her design muscle and now has a better indication of what lies ahead. She is one of only four other female Aussie Skillaroos.

I was very thankful to my fellow experts and translators who helped facilitate a fair and transparent competition, pulling the best out of their competitors and enjoying friendship and the exchange of gifts, ideas and the birth of a Graphic Design Quality Assessment Guide. A tonne of work developed features below, along with Indy on stage receiving medals and the entire Skillaroo Squad.

Now as an official Skilleroo, Indy steps up training in the lead up to the Kazan Worldskills International in Russia on the 22 August 2019.

I can’t wait!


WorldSkills Australia CEO Brett Judd congratulated the Skillaroos on being selected to represent Australia.

“The competitors and their expert trainers and mentors have consistently shown the dedication, commitment and excellence we require of Team Australia when they represent our nation against the best in the world,” said Mr Judd.

“I applaud their determination and congratulate them on their selection. But their success would not have been possible without the dedication and support of their expert trainers and mentors, many of whom volunteer their time and experience to work with the Skillaroos.

“The WorldSkills experts have been selected because they represent the best of their industry or skill category. They are also passionate about helping develop their industry and young competitor,” he continued.

Mr Judd said WorldSkills Australia was nurturing and developing the skills of young Australians and highlighting the opportunities available to those pursuing a trade or skill.

“These young people are excelling in their chosen fields and many have already been rewarded with international experience and opportunities – their training and skills are really taking them places,” he said.