Global Skills Challenge 2022

Extremely proud to host 22 Competitors from 19 Countries across 2 full days for Worldskills Australia in the lead up to WS Shanghai 2022.

A snap shot of the event:

  • Over a month of preparation by hard working writing team including Brendan (Australia), Robin (France), Janika (Estonia), Ronald (Switzerland), Anton (Competitor Kazan, German) and Karin (New expert, Italy)
  • Two briefs modified from past international test projects — Classed as ‘un-tested’ as new aspects and new marking scheme
  • Excellent refresher for all experts.
  • Outstanding practice for competitors.
  • Full CIS marking (albeit with ‘Graded Measurement’ rather than judgement)
  • GSC had twice the number of aspects required (Mistakenly developed 100% for each day). Phew!
  • Allowed for compatriot marking which is not practical for an international competition.
  • All experts saw full marking scheme prior. Again, not recommended for international competition.
  • Offered insight into where experts disagree, but also the conversations around where ambiguity could be found in the brief.

It offered a great opportunity to also reflect on competitors preparation, international content, timings and cultural experience.

Always such a thrill to host young competitors in Skill 40, Graphic Design.