Kazan C-4 – Experts first briefing

Experts on site.

Notes to future self: Bring your own hi-viz and avoid a half hour line. Likewise with security check, avoid bringing a bag or water bottle. Or honey.

Comprehensive slide deck and MAT training really brings experts together. The variety, diversity and application of skills in the room is vast. Bringing everyone along for the roller-coaster measurement and judgement practice was handled proficiently by our skill managers… Sarah (SM) very thorough and deliberate; Marcus (CE) worked the room in classic, dry German efficiency; and naturally, Amy (DCE) was supportive, alert and assisted competently at every turn.

It is a good sign — promotes confidence that our graphic design skill is in good shape, which in turn elevates true fairness and transparency of quality international standards expected from our competitors.

The bonding also is helped by our traditional expert dinner now with multi-cultural toasts, passionate speeches and new food to share and explore together. Powerful stuff.