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NM TAFE’s Graphic Design and Print Communication students enjoyed a fast-paced presentation by Evan Cunningham-Dunlop last week. The hour long industry exclusive presentation to NM TAFE students in Northbridge campus incorporated the very latest information and developments in online marketing, SEO, social media and all things web related.

CEO and Founder, Evan generously shared real industry insight to raise the profile of NM TAFE’s typically ‘print first’ students as they transition to more digital design focused careers. Living Online have recently been nominated for some of the industry’s top international marketing awards including high profile finalist to Perth’s SPECIALIST AGENCY OF THE YEAR.

Lecturer Brendan Hibbert was thrilled to be able to share Living Online’s business acumen with NM TAFE’s graduating students. He explained how “the talk reaffirmed how quickly the traditional marketing agency landscape has changed in the last five years. Evan was able to incorporate vital information about how digital companies hire new employees (and our graduates) and how the marketing industry is likely to change in this age of digital disruption. It was a thought-provoking, deep dive into the evolving global ‘marketing technology’ landscape.”

Graduating students also enjoyed the presentation. “It was so interesting to hear about the how and not just the what” said advanced diploma graphic design student Eliza Zaikos. “Evan’s case studies introduced me to new tools like HOTJAR and SEMRUSH”. 

Similarly, fellow student Rebecca Rumball was overwhelmed by his fast paced delivery style and his informative explanation about ecommerce behaviours we subconsciously are exposed to each day – “(Evan) helped join the dots of how important our graphics are when deployed in the digital marketing tool kit…I’m much more aware of what needs to be included in my folio to catch the eye of digital agencies.”

Print communications lecturer Brian Allardyce also commented, saying how “this was a fascinating insight how a Perth based company was developing new and complex technologies and how the role of graphic designers are changing in this market place… Already my students are looking at how their existing skill sets can retro-fit into this changing world of work and the new skills NM TAFE will equip them with to better prepare them.”

Photos from the talk are below.

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