Marketing masterclass with Meerkats Mike

Advanced Diploma ‘Just Desserts‘ marketing students enjoyed a review session with Mike Edmonds at Meerkats HQ today.

On the table was a bunch of raw gems that Mike expertly picked through and polished. Rocks with the ‘golden thread’ running through. Student’s were encouraged to name these core/raw ideas and justly rewarded for curious and engaging solutions to the ambiguous and broad-stroking CHOGM brief, which asks participants to creatively respond to what they think it means to be part of the Commonwealth of Nations, normally referred to as the Commonwealth and formerly known as the British Commonwealth?

Mike was ruthless in his dedication to extending and linking the ‘business of tease’ to standout public expression and mixed media concepts. Living up to the credo of ‘Respect the elders, teach the young’.

Photos below capture the rapture.