Moscow Friendly – Day 5 & 6

Early start to squeeze in a coffee and quick souvenir shop before a super-cool masterclass with Anna Moskaleva from ANVIL FRAME who delivered strongly on her “Styling images and compositions for the target audience” promise. Thoroughly enjoyable. Great results. Excellent technique.

It has been a fascinating and deeply rewarding component of this ‘friendly’ competition to hear from local trainers and artists who form the backbone of the Worldskills Russia training team and staff who grace the soviet era rooms at the Moscow publishing and printing college named after Ivan Fedorov.

The module of packaging followed, with mixed results – Perhaps due to Yaroslav’s early departure and competition almost over, if felt as though the wind had dropped and momentum slowed. Indy still managed to finish construction of four packs, carefully assembled.

Mr. Son and Team Korea graciously shared dinner with Tikhon and us. We take English so much for granted – even our waiter spoke perfect self-taught English tempered with humour picked up from watching South Park episodes.

Day 6

Assessment process = Judgement always before measurement.

Indy enjoyed he first ‘competitor-only measurement team’ where she could learn directly from the others on how to pre-flight thoroughly, check ink-density and other technical marking. It really benefited us and provided great immediate feedback to implement in these last weeks of training.
For me, it was fantastic to watch new friendships form, fault-finding and education rolled into one. Perhaps the best part of the entire trip — watching competitors celebrating hard won points together! No ego. Powerful stuff.

Remaining free time used successfully to head back into town via Kitay-Gorod Metro; dine near Red Square; and wait patiently for the lights to flood the Kremlin wall and the domes of St Basil’s Cathedral from our vista on the bridge to nowhere in Park Zaryadye.

A fantastic experience. We are both very grateful – There is no substitute for competition experience™