The CUIL as a unit of measurement…

The CUIL as a unit of measurement…

NB: My take; 

3 Cuils is a typical lucid dream

4 Cuils: A decent LSD trip

5 Cuils: The moment before death/coma

6 Cuils: How interstellar should have ended

Explanation: There used to be an search engine called Cuil, which had its own automated encyclopedia that would splice together sentences from within your search results to form a supposedly informative single article. Naturally, these articles were a jumbled mess because a search for Tom Cruise would lead to talking about Top Gun, then it starts talking about F16 Tomcats, then it starts talking about domestic cats. Suddenly it reads like “Tom Cruise is a successful american actor who once male felines are a popular breed of cat that has 15,000 lbs carrying capacity for armaments”.

Users would make fun of this by typing random things into Cuil and then laughing at the gibberish article they got. This became the cuil meme.

Depending on the nonsense level of what Cuil gave you, you would say that it had a certain number of “cuils”. Reddit user RedDyeNumber4 took the cuil meme and established Cuil Theory, an attempt to regiment and define the different levels of nonsense.



Cuil has to be linear in its scale. think like this cuil is a measurement of distance

distance = speed/ time

cuil measures all realities spatially within one snapshot of time so time = 1

0‽ is the base reality

0‽= x/1

1*0‽= x


so cuil would progress in a linear fashion of abstraction where its length is exactly equal to the speed at which it is moving away from the base reality