Tonight I rise to invite Tony Abbott to Western Australia

Come down to AGDA’s unique event this coming Tuesday.

AGDA WA is excited to announce that Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia and former graphic designer, web developer and filmmaker, will be presenting Design for Change.

Hear Scott discuss the responsibility that designers hold and the future for the design industry in Perth. This is a brilliant opportunity to gain a new perspective on design and the future of our city.

Earlybird tickets are available so get in quick before they’re gone bkv

And to warm you up…

Think carefully about what baggage you pack.

Love the comments of Gen Y-istic blarney

“This is amazeballs!” “S-Lud just won all of the things!”, and the usual hyperbolic promise of Upworthy-esque evisceration: “What Scott Ludlam did next will destroy your face off your head”.

And the result of support after this went ‘viral’: