Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017: C1

Competition Day 1

Competition Begins

A hefty, externally set branding, style guide and postcard brief was laid on for 6.5 hours today as competition begun at Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017. It was amazing to witness 29 designers slam into a logo, 16 page style guide and three postcards before the lunch break and outstanding to watch strategy, typography and organisation unfold at a frantic pace. The amount of work completed today was amazing — Training pays off, as does:

  1. Having a few ‘go-to’ branding ideas and typeface combinations to lean on;
  2. Organising brief requirements and systematically building, developing and refining;
  3. Really knowing your typographic strengths – there is literally no time to experiment or faff around with fonts;
  4. Highlighting instructions. Knowing how to print duplex. Wearing ear muffs rather than listening to music – It makes a difference;
  5. Cropping and colourising photos should be second nature, as should luscious awareness of solid colour as a design element;
  6. Always set a grid with a measured (& vacant) column – harmonious balance often doesn’t need to bleed for it;
  7. And s/he who has the best type hierarchy wins.

We are banned from taking any photography, but you can get a public perspective by following official instagram feeds (#worldskillsad, #worldskillsabudhabi2017, follow the activities of #teamaustralia or check out the 2017 Graphic Design competitors) – Imagery to follow after it is released.