Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017: C3

Competition Day 3

Packaging is lit

Think about the typical house in your neighbourhood, or local city. It has a texture, a colour, a vertical or spread layout. It has a character. Now, let us imagine the people in this house. They clichéd, cultural aspects of the families that live in that house. Who are they? How do they look? What do they wear?

Now build it.

In 3D will limited time and the added pressure of a LED candle inserted into the main house structure.

Successful (well, what I thought was successful) was focused on:

  1. Fantastic solid colour roof and details on walls and authentic decoration (ie: curtins, doorways, tiles on roof etc)
  2. Make a kid (we had a few) stop and stare at your project. If they are enthralled, you are on the right track.
  3. Consider gardens.
  4. Consider sizing perspective of the family / characters around the building.
  5. Leave plenty of time to mock and cut out the die.
  6. Refine. Decorate. Showcase an amazing diorama.
  7. There should be no ‘white paper’ walls.
  8. See number 6.

So, with only a small hiccup with timing (a two minute call instantly turned into 30 secs) competitors finished major competition activities and went back to hotels to relax. The marking is now locked down and I can honesty say, have only a rough idea of who might finish in the top five.