2010 Music/Business Students team with Advance Diploma Graphics students

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year’s presentations to Leederville students. However, Steve our trusty Graphics Tech set up a video recorder at the rear of the theatrette, as students spilled the beans and documented a stunning array of work, capturing their initial sketches, concepts, amendments and showcasing their suite of collateral customised to each ‘music client’s needs.

The work this year speaks for itself and you’ll need to spend a bit of time to digest all of the follow. Some remarkable ideas and lasting relationships formed with this live student with student brief.

Lavinia Silvestro

First up, Lavinia’s prezi to Pins and Needles Promotions

Helen King

Drown in the detail as Helen King walks you through some hours of work for dual clients.

Helen’s Presentation – Click to download

Elizabeth Chisholm

Some great refinement demonstrates Liz is on the ball with ‘Still Water Claims’ and ‘Evolution Music’.

Liz’s Presentation – Click to download

Chiara Rossi

Chiara helps rock away the winter blues and supersizes her efforts to get noticed.

Chiara’s Presentation – Click to download

Danielle Dixon

Danielle works with a lively client to phatt up the phunk.
Dan’s Presentation – Click to download

Hayden Lindsay

Two complex clients and very different directions see Hayden in a jazzy spin.
Hayden’s Presentation – Click to download

Kate Beresford

There is Something About Kate which leads to a great reference and working relationship with Evolution Music.
Kate’s Presentation – Click to download

Ryan Binny

A strong illustration direction draws Ryan to a quick conclusion for ‘Benchmark Entertainment’.
Ryan’s Presentation – Click to download