Great Scott! a tribute to those who love attention to detail

A relatively small CIT graduating group battled through 2015 with a major ArtSchool brief, a distinctive Outpost 51 branding gig and an epic ISTD assessment – This year, they were known as Great Scott!

Last week saw them pull together a classy, well lit exhibition with customise letter-pressed catalogues and posters, design folios of distinction, a fair dinkum DMC Delorean parked out the front, super efficient MC (our very own Andrew Field) and a healthy-sized industry gathering.

Great Scott’s website and GS Facebook are worth exploring. They write:

Check out all the photos from last night! A big thank you to Karlo Perisic Photography for being our photographer for the night, and our amazing lecturers for helping us organise this event. Thanks again to everyone who came and celebrated with us, and the lovely Diploma students for volunteering to help out (look out for their work next year)!

We are 2015’s Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design graduates from Perth’s Central Institute of Technology.

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need…roads.” Dr. Emmet Brown