Taste test for diploma students with grounds recycled organically

With only two days remaining before client presentation and shortlisting, Diploma students have been busy refining and developing their presentation boards after meeting with Clayton and Vivian from PERTH CITY FARM for a one-on-one work in progress session last week.

Here is some of the nervous capture as students explain and push their design ideas. Plus, a small taste of their URBAN DOMINATION poster exhibition, currently on tour through Central’s main foyers.


Here are the final student PROPOSALS:

Jess Beach


Alex Hwang

Vicky Wake

Tracy Coustas

Tor Lim

Rebecca Caputi

Reanna Caddy

Paula Faria

Nathan Millard


Machado Luis

Lyndsey Miller

Kirren Jones

Jess Smith

IGusti Wisesa

Hailey Sims

Rachel Tay

Gina Thompson

Georgina Adair

Mikaela Mcginnity

David Pekel

Daniela Pruiti

Crystal Cornelius

Chantelle Burke

Chantal Smart

Caitlin Moloney

Brandon Rodgers

Aye AyeAung

Ashley Rainbird

Agniszka Pelczar

Alex Bourhill

Aleasha Harris

Alana Notte



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