Graphic Music presentations

Another great term and partnerships with Diploma Graphic Design students and Music Business Students from CIT Leederville.

See the range below, in no particular order:


MAY 2011


Further presentations (not presented to client and full group)


And using PREZI, which is a great way to ‘step’ the viewer through the process

DIEGO AGUIAR and THURSDAY’S PAGE: Works up a strong direction with little to no feedback from client and whilst more variations could have been explored, it does have a refined edge.

BEN COLE and FEAR OF COMEDY: From a mixed brief and no band contact, Ben successfully executes a complicated narrow down of options to deliver an excellent empty belly poster and standout logo and CD development all within the final two weeks. Interesting to see ‘uncredited’ use of the logo showcasing how poor communication is typically the roadblocks the band manager places between the band and the designer.

JESSICA KIPPS and ORIGINAL FORTUNE: With Hiphop lotus styling an excellent starting point, Jess explores various ‘street cred’ directions and geometric type solutions.

PAULA FARIA and 10 PAST 6: Loads of research and loads of initial design options delivers a fantastic final logo and exceptionally strong branded collateral.

And, some pics of the action